The Magazine Manager

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Magazine Manager of Mirabel Technologies is the global leader in publishing CRM solutions. Serving more than 15,000 media properties worldwide, this flexible web-based software app drastically reduces overhead costs and manpower hours by connecting sales, marketing, ad order entry, production, and billing into one simple package.

As the only publishing CRM with integrated marketing, The Magazine Manager provides valuable guidance at every step of the sales process, including prospecting for advertisers. Its 9-million company database and web tracking features help identify unknown web visitors, measure purchase intent, and fill in information gaps about leads including contact information, job titles, and co-workers. Furthermore, publishers can use our built-in marketing suite to prove ROI to advertisers and pursue creative marketing services. From detailed email metrics to lead prioritization, The Magazine Manager has all the pieces in place to increase closing rates and grow revenue.

Once a proposal is accepted, a contract, ad order, and invoice can be generated with a few clicks. Since proposal data only has to be entered once, multiple manpower hours and room for error can be eliminated throughout production and billing. Whether it’s a simple media buy or a complex multi-media package, any type of charge can be billed, including marketing services. Furthermore, between a client payment portal and integrations with Plug-n-Play, QuickBooks, and, The Magazine Manager can accelerate the payment process. From pagination and digital publishing, to e-signatures and batch payment processing, every aspect of the advertising lifecycle can be optimized with The Magazine Manager.