Readex Research

Readex Research works for publishers and associations providing a broad line of survey research services.  70 years of experience gives customers knowhow that’s hard to find elsewhere.  Plus, our independent, third-party position in the research process helps you more clearly hear the voices of your stakeholders.

Most of the services offered revolve around custom-designed survey research.  On the publishing side, this includes reader profile studies, editorial research and brand surveys.  We also offer many types of standardized ad effectiveness studies.  On the association side, custom surveys include member need surveys, member experience and satisfaction as well as lapsed-member research.  Common to both markets are event surveys as well as wage and benefit research.

Surveys are conducted using both mail and online methodologies.  We use the method that best matches the objectives of the project and the budget.  Our staff handles questionnaire design, fieldwork, data processing and reporting with an eye on taking the hard stuff off your plate.

The team here at Readex knows giving you a great experience with a survey project is the most important job.  We seek to clearly understand, from start to finish, what you want to accomplish, provide high touch and build a solid, trusting relationship.  Please contact us when a survey comes up so we can talk and give you a proposal.