Open Look

Open Look is a nimble niche media service provider. Outsourcing with Open Look ultimately offers publishers great competitive advantages – in print, digital, event, data, and beyond. Our process creates opportunities for clients to scale when they might not otherwise have the resources to do so, or might not necessarily want to add workforce for a certain process.  In this new era of media, outsourcing is an affordable, necessary, and proven revenue strategy in growing your business without letting the business run you.

Open Look was founded 6 years ago with a purpose of serving the niche publisher and usingit’s senior management team’s over 40 years of publishing experience to apply an offshore model to your publishing needs.  We specialize in Audience Development telemarketing for circulation audits & lead generation; we have a large Graphic Design team for your page layout & photo retouching needs, and a Data Research team for projects like data appending, data entry, and list research.

Outsourcing certain business processes is an effective cost-saving strategy for many publishing companies. For any service — telemarketing, customer service, graphic design, photo editing, data entry, data research — we are here to provide these resources to help your group scale efficiently.

In addition to being a cost-effective strategy, outsourcing offers an opportunity to increase your margin in these all-important areas.

Open Look has enjoyed a long partnership with Carl, Bekah, and all of the wonderful folks at Niche Media HQ and we look forward to serving your needs in the future.  See all of our work at!