Omeda provides the industry’s leading, end-to-end audience management solution. Our full suite of products and delivery channels including CDP, Marketing Automation, Metering, Social, and Display are designed to drive audience and digital revenue across your entire organization.

The suite of product offerings simplifies the complex martech stack allowing our partners to focus on what they do best. Omeda’s differentiator is that our martech suite leverages our deep understanding of your data which enables us to successfully bring together your disparate data silos, creating a real-time, fully managed and governed, single view of your audience.

Use Omeda’s platform to reach and activate your various audiences while also being part of a client community that encompasses a diverse set of companies – from smaller publishers to large media providers. Omeda offers a range of options and solutions within the media industry to accommodate each individual partner’s needs. The different services can work together – from the email solution to marketing automation services to digital editions and webform builders – to then tie back to the robust database.

What are you waiting for? Get going and activate your audience today! Our team is ready to get your audience engaged and support you with any questions you may have!