Command + Shift + Option

Command Shift Option (CSO) is a full service design agency, specializing in publication design, production, consulting and custom branded content delivery. President / Creative Director Jim Nissen brings his 25 year experience from SW!TCH s t u d i o to Los Angeles.

An energetic passion for niche publishing and the specific constraints brought on by the inherent tight deadlines, slim budgets, super-niche subjects with fanatical readers, is what gives CSO it’s competitive advantage.

Jim Nissen and his creative teams have helped over 150 publishers achieve their design, production and marketing goals both in-house and as an outsource solution. Working with startups, facilitating redesigns, delivering ongoing design and production are all part of what CSO is about.

Cornerstone brand delivery experience with B to B, B to C, Business, Lifestyle, Association, Specialty Interest and custom publishing verticals has yielded amazing business and marketing results. Over 130 international design and production awards have been bestowed, including 7 of the coveted “Nichee’s”.

If you are interested in raising the bar creatively, detangling production realities of time, resources and money, outsourcing part or all of your creative services, or simply taking your organization into the world of decentralization, CSO has you covered!

Please call or email to set up a time to connect and see we are a good fit.


group selfie winning at the Nichees

Winning at the 2017 Nichee Awards!