Alonna Doucette founded Doucette Media over 12 years ago to focus on the unique operational challenges present in the industry. After spending over 35 years in publishing, Alonna was able to identify how critical it was for ad operations teams to understand the sales and buyer processes, the technical processes for developers, facets of creative construction and production, and a multitude of software platforms, as well as be able to reconcile delivery and billing issues for financial teams. Publishers are faced with the difficulty of finding and retaining talented operational support with the type of multi-faceted business acumen capable of bridging the gap between all of these departments, and so Doucette Media was created to meet that demand.

Today, is the natural evolution of Doucette Media; a fully outsourced digital operations team offering its services to publishers, agencies and advertisers. Many of our clients come to us because they see high turnover in the ad operations role at their companies – resulting in revenue loss, increased training and recruitment costs, and poor sales/advertiser experiences which can erode renewal business. Our dedicated team of digital professionals, with core competencies in ad operations, sales operations, analytics, integration and billing/reconciliation, can help you navigate these challenges and achieve your goals!